The Cult of Personality

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The best part


i’m thankful my childhood was filled with imagination and bruises from playing outside, instead of apps and how many damn likes you get on a picture

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do you ever get mad because there’s so much wasted potential in characters and relationships and plotlines in some shows


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Men are weak.

I’ve seen women live in abusive situations, and in the morning, they get up, put on long sleeves and make up to hide the bruises, put on a smile to deflect the questions, and go to work.

I’ve seen women work in underpaid jobs (a landscaper makes a living wage, but a secretary…

Every time I see a post that empowers women, such as body positivity or awareness for problems that people aren’t aware that they aren’t the only victims of, I see at least five posts like this. Trash, drivel, rants that don’t empower women but simply seek to make them seem flawless and make men seem like they’re some hobgoblin unworthy of even looking at a woman. That’s not empowering, it’s insulting.

Men are weak.

Sexist insults from the get-go.

I’ve seen women live in abusive situations, and in the morning, they get up, put on long sleeves and make up to hide the bruises, put on a smile to deflect the questions, and go to work.

Well, there’s your problem. You look for signs of physical abuse on women, but not men. Since domestic violence against men is underreported, you might be missing a lot of information. It’s very doubtful that every man in your life is in a healthy relationship. Men are taught not to complain, or that they deserve it.

I’ve seen women work in underpaid jobs (a landscaper makes a living wage, but a secretary doesn’t?! Bull fucking shit) with the threat of being “laid off” hanging over their heads, and they do it with a smile and make it seem easy while they’re being yelled at for things that are their boss’s fault. 

Blatant lies. Landscapers make less than secretaries on average. The dangers for a landscaper are greater than that of a secretary - secretaries don’t work in the sun, nor do they risk animal and insect bites or falling from roofs. A lot of landscapers suffer dehydration, skin cancer, broken bones, and other nasty things of working outside. They work 10-14 hours a day, often for people who don’t even value them as a human being. And they have to do this because they can’t complain to anyone or they get fired. At least with secretaries you have the Department of Labor, corporate headquarters, or Human resources to complain to. Try working as a landscaper if you’re envious of their wages, then. And being blamed for things that aren’t your fault is a fact of life that has happened in, quite literally, every industry since the dawn of time.

I’ve seen women want to complain about sexism and misogyny in the workplace, but not know how to without rocking the boat. Women are afraid of rocking the boat, because it could mean that they are out of work. How many men do you know are afraid of losing their job because their boss has asked them about the colour of their underwear?

Men get harassed too - they’re taught not to complain and to suck it up. They should enjoy the attention, they are told. It’s excused because they’re supposed to ‘man up’. And there are avenues of complaint: Department of Labor, Human resources, or corporate. Or you can sue the company for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I’ve seen women live in horrible situations because they can’t afford to move out. They can’t afford to get away from an awful parent or ex or current lover who treats them like a pet, who treats them like they are not a person and their wants and desires are irrelevant. 

And I’ve seen men do the same thing. I’ve seen men who have been arrested as an abuser for trying to get out. Psychological violence isn’t gendered. Heck, in some spheres men are made fun of for being beaten. There are more resources for men than there are for women, so women can escape wheras men are told to deal with it.

I’ve seen men cry because they got laid off from work. I’ve seen men cry because they didn’t get laid. I’ve seen men cry because the job they had wasn’t paying them six figures. I’ve seen men cry because their car blew a tire. 

Have you ever heard the phrase “The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back”? A man is taught to bear the burden in silence, but eventually the burden gets too much, and it can be for the silliest things. A minor malfunction on a device. An event that happened years ago. The death of someone they don’t even know. They’ve reached a point where they simply can’t cope in silence anymore.

Laid off from work - So losing a job isn’t a bad thing? They’re supposed to go ‘oh well, I can’t provide anymore, I’m a useless leach on society. How wonderful, I’m going to celebrate’. No. Men are taught they have to provide, that they have to be a strong figure. Without a job, they can’t do  that. They are told they are useless members of society.

Not getting laid - I need context for this. Did the man have emotional problems? Did they have depression? Did they love the person and getting turned down was devastating? Was it a sign of something larger? And people put a lot of value on sex, and men are taught that virgins are losers and inept, so social roles play a part

Six figure income: Goes with the first one - they are taught they are not good providers. Wealth is a huge part of status and providing for yourself and a family. They feel inferior. Realization of not being as good as you can be might be a ‘straw’ that breaks the camel’s back.

Tire blew out - Again, might seem like a minor thing to you, but what if they needed to be somewhere? What if they were flat broke and can’t afford a repair? What if they were having an awful day, week, or month and that was just the trigger that made them break?

I have seen women smile the day after they were raped. I have seen women smile the day after they were beaten. I have seen women smile when their husbands swore at them and their children repeated it. I have seen women smile the day they were fired for “causing trouble” at work. I have seen women smile the day they were “laid off” for not sleeping with a co-worker. Or for sleeping with a co-worker.

Again, anecdotal. And men are taught to face abuse, rape, death without a hint of emotion. Men are taught they are cowards when they don’t do this. “Man up”,”stop being a pussy”, “God, you’re such a coward” are things that boys and men are told throughout childhood and adulthood when they don’t want to risk danger. I have seen men abused, and they simply have to take it because otherwise they aren’t men.

Post Script: Your friends could sue if that happened. Sexual harassment is illegal.

Post Post Script: You’re glorifying enabling abusers. Is this what you want to fight for? You make it a point of strength to defend someone who has hurt you, who has abused you, and who might kill you, and who might to the same to another person. Is this equality? Is this what you really want to happen? “Smile after being raped because you are strong” is not the message you are sending. You’re sending the message of only weak people complain.

Not all men, of course. But yes all women. Women are the strong ones. We are the ones who carry the family through tough times and the economy through recessions. We are the ones who stay when all others would leave, we are the ones who survive in places that others consider barren wastelands. 

Erm…what? Men are expected to bear all the burdens of labor. They’re expected to bottle their emotions up. They’re considered cowards if they don’t lead. Factories led the route to recovery in the Great Depression, which had mostly men working for them. Construction was a huge part of the recovery. If a woman does not want to work, then she can choose not to and society won’t judge her as harshly as a man who is not the breadwinner.

The one thing I wish I could tell all of these women: You are stronger than he is. YOU DON’T NEED HIM. In the short term, maybe, but in the long term? You’re stronger than he is, and you’ll probably outlive him. So use him as a stepping stone, and move on.

So it’s a point of strength to scorn an entire sex based on a rant of emotional pleas and fallacies? Scorning people and isolation is not strength, it’s cowardice. And move on from what? A loving relationship? Emotional bonds with men? Men entirely? Here’s an unfortunate fact of life: You need people, whether you like it or not. Wanting women treating people as tools says more about you than it does about anyone else. You advocate using people simply because they are men. Is this equality? Is this what you want? If I were to advocate using women, would it not be sexist and infuriating? Of course it would be, because using people is wrong.

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Please report this tweet and this man’s twitter, it would only take a minute or two. What this implies is absolutely horrific and people like him are why we have major issues like child molestation and rape. Just because this young girl is “more developed” it doesn’t make this ok in any way, shape or form. This could be considered child pornography, people are treating this like a joke. People are even talking about her in the replies, and siding with the man…I think I even saw the “what she was wearing” excuse being accepted. This needs to be treated as a potential predator. The tweet url is here -> and you are going to need to copy and paste that for when you file a report for harassment. I am absolutely disgusted at how far the internet has gone to make a “joke”. Signal boost this, this isn’t something that needs to be taken lightly.


this world is so sick. the only upside to things like twitter is that perverts literally provide a record for police to follow for swifter convictions
but this is disgusting. the shit that makes you never want to have kids


hes suspended. we did it kids.
  • Alistair: Did it hurt?
  • Morrigan: *sighs* Did what hurt?
  • Alistair: When you broke through the earth's crust ascending from hell


i just want to forget playing Mass Effect just to experience the same excitement as I had playing it the first time.

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there is some real inception shit happening here

there’s no way this is an accident