The Cult of Personality

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Listen up honey, without feminism, you couldn’t even VOTE.  you can’t own property, go to college, or get a job.
Without feminism, you couldn’t do shit.  Thank the past generations of feminists for fighting for the rights you have today.

Nothing you’ve said justifies the existence of feminism in the western world in 2014.

I mean.It’s pretty sad that your only excuse for needing feminism are examples of past accomplishments back when women in the US WERE ACTUALLY OPPRESSED. You’re basically taking credit for the heroic things women of the past have done to excuse your now shitty cause.Tell me.What has feminism done in the past 5 years for equality as a whole that doesn’t benefit only women?I’d love to know.

Well they have Anita Sarkeesian who champions feminism in video games by saying that Mirrors Edge is way too hard for women to play it.

Which is bull shit because my sister was better at it than I was and she isn’t even a lover of video games like me.


if opposites attract why aren’t i covered in hot people right now

Because your the sexist person alive!!




"it’s not my job to educate you! educate yourself!!"

Good, you’re probably not certified to talk about the subject and you’re not worth talking to anyway.  

"I don’t know what I am talking about and have no solution to the problem!"

"I love to complain but I hate to explain!"

"If I explained to you, then you’d stop doing that thing so I wouldn’t be able to whore it out for sympathy or use it as a license to treat you like shit!"

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Literally all she did was point out misognyistic tropes in a video games, and this is the aftermath. Men continually prove feminism correct and necessary.

Literally all she did was scam 150 grand and not donate a cent to any women’s charities despite getting what she asked for like over ten times over 
Steal other people’s artwork and let’s plays despite being given an obscene amount of money that could have been used to commission that artist and actually play the games herself
Cherrypick out of context information with the intention of presenting a false narrative 
Excessively meddle with one of the few mainstream Western games that had an Asian woman in a starring role because it went against her ridiculous sensibilities such as being too hard to control and having Faith be capable of being harmed or killed like just about any protagonist in an action game meant “violence against women” and she should have been a Mary Sue instead
Gleefully cream her panties when presented with fanfiction of her torturing and murdering a man whose crime was to make a videogame she personally found distasteful, despite throwing a tantrum if anything of this sort had her on the receiving end
Make videos of even less quality and quantity despite being given a quarter of a million to be used as she saw fit on her youtube videos
Constantly prove she has no idea what she is talking about
Her constant erasure of the many women involved in gaming: from female gamers to those actively involved in the industry as writers, voice actresses, character designers, programmers, texturers, script writers, coders, animators, modellers and more because they all are inconvenient to her best interests
But yes feminists, if we need feminism so badly, why do you constantly have to distort facts and tell outright lies to justify it? 



emotionally manipulative things you should never say to people:

  • "i would kill myself without you"
  • "everyone leaves me, don’t leave me like they did"
  • basically anything that guilts the other person into staying in a relationship with you

this post is important

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this kinda sums up tumblr for me


We can’t have this around. Showing that women stare at guys and sexualize them? That would mean that women are just as guilty.
I mean, He can should be able to wear whatever he wants without getting stared at. And the fact that they find that specific body type attractive? Guys don’t normally look like that!
Stop it women. You are making it look like this happens to everyone instead of just women and that makes it hard to demonize men!

Why the fuck does tumblr keep recommending these jackasses to me?
The joke here is that he’s attractive to them in large part because of the cat. They find it sweet and adorable. One of these I’m going to get around to tagging all of the comparison posts I have of objectification vs. appreciation and the male gaze vs. the female gaze so I can just link people to it. 

Tumblr might be hinting to you that you should realize the truth.
Concerning the image, the women arent interwsted in him largely becuase of the cat. The cat came in in the last few seconds and they were already fixated on him before that. They wanted to see his whole shirtless, short shorts wearung body. the guy didn’t have to be shirtless, the women (literally all of them) were lustfully staring, and if this were a girl being lustfully stared at by a group of guys, you would be outraged.
Saying that the cat makes this less offensive is like a half naked woman advertising soda. The soda is in there and the commercial ’ s main point is soda, but that doesn’t make the woman any less sexualized.
Real equality seeking would be getting equally outraged and giving equal attention to a man being sexualized and objectified, especially when done in a similar or even the same way as a woman. If you defend the women in this aituation, but not when genders are reversed, it is you who does not wish for equality. The fact that he’s male should not make it any more okay. If you think it does, it is you who is the sexist.


Stop belittling men cause you think all men belittle women. I have never nor will i ever rape any body. And i really do believe women should have equal rights. We are all human, but women putting down men doesnt make anything better. My parents taught me 2 wrongs dont make a right….