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Every fucking time someone makes a post for guys that’s basically like, “Hey, you aren’t worthless,” or “Don’t mess with girls that are basically the embarrassment of humanity and who think your abuse is funny,” some stupid little bitches have to jump on it and add their little “lmao” and “wah…

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okay THIS is my favorite so far

You can’t teach all dogs. And it’s not a difficult concept for men, but rapist male and female don’t give a shit that no means no. How about you teach feminists that when a women says no to feminism she means no, I mean a dog gets it.

The sad thing is when we find out who are the last 2 love interest are, people in the fandom are gonna like assholes more than they already do. Complaining about ” x companion” sexuality is wrong or “y companion” not being romanceable is bullshit. The fact that people say shit like this because they can’t fuck a fictional character is ridiculous.



  • Tumblr Girl: Men are so misogynistic!
  • Tumblr Girl: I don't need to hear your body image "problems" if you're a skinny girl. Skinny girls can't have body image issues. And p.s. check your privilege.
  • Tumblr Girl: I think your opinions are somehow slut shaming! You know what? You're just jealous cuz you can't get a man. Come on ladies, take this bitch down!
  • Tumblr Girl: Oh wow, look at you trying to feel special and "not like other girls".
  • Tumblr Girl: You have no ass stop trying to dance you're just embarrassing.
  • Tumblr Girl: conservative girls are so lame and pathetic.
  • Tumblr Girl: You put on makeup, shave your legs, and wear high heels? You're just doing that to please men because you have no confidence or self respect. Way to subscribe to the patriarchy.
  • Tumblr Girl: You want to save your first kiss until marriage? Haha I've been laughing for 7 thousand years!
  • Tumblr Girl: Can't believe [insert male celebrity figure] is settling for a lame girl like her.
  • Tumblr Girl: *sees video of white girl getting beaten up* Yaasss drag her!!!!!
  • Tumblr Girl: If you're a girl who says you're not a feminist I have no respect for you.
  • Tumblr Girl: *mocks women who disagree with them*
  • Tumblr Girl: But it's MEN that are the real misogynists in society!
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Just a reference sheet for my followers. Seen a lot of people throwing around ‘Feminism’ as encompassing the ideals of all the movements, when that is in fact not the case. Modern feminism =/= Civil Rights feminism =/= Suffrage feminism.


Last Beyonce rant then I’m done for the night. All the arguments I’ve seen:

"Feminists don’t hate men! She’s showing love to her husband!"

Who she ignored when he was hit by Solange, makes jokes about it in her Flawless Remix, and plotted to divorce him. A man she…